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    Brand Identity


    Worksheet and follow-up meetings to uncover your unique selling points, ideal customers, and future goals. Survey of the branding of related businesses. Presentation of visual examples for feedback to set a direction for your brand. This research phase sets the direction for the design work to come.

    Your brand identity tool kit

    My task is to help set a look and feel for your brand and get you started. Your own in-house production designer or
    freelancer can take over from there, working with the style guidelines we establish.


    Brand identity pricing packages

    Your business is a brand

    And you can maximize its growth, the effect you have on your customers, and your rate of growth by investing in that brand – starting with your brand identity.




     Business Foundation

    Investment: $1,250 CAD + GST (paid in 2 monthly instalments)
    Timeline: Up to 6 weeks

    Getting clear on your business and brand strategy gives you the clarity and confidence you need to market your business and grow with ease.

    Throughout our process, you’ll dig deep into your business and leave with a detailed PDF of the most important factors of your brand, including your target market, competitors, brand language, and more.

    Optional add ons:
    + Name Development+ Coaching


    Business Foundation and Identity

    Investment: $4,500 CAD + GST (paid in 3 monthly instalments)
    Timeline: Up to 12 weeks

    Our brand identity package takes the brand strategy process one step further by using those guidelines to inform the design of your brand’s visual identity.

    The final package includes all the crucial elements you need to launch or rebrand your business – from a full logo set and brand colours, through to business cards and social media profile images.

    This is about more than the visuals, it’s about communicating who you are as a business and creating functional pieces you can use for the coming years as you grow.

    Optional add ons:
    + Name Development
    + Coaching
    + Web Design

    Choose your branding options

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