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    Back in 2001, I lived in North Las Vegas Nevada, and I thought I knew it all as a young adult.


    But I was so wrong to think that I knew everything there was to know about being street smart and knowing all of the signs to watch out for in order not to get hooked into the wrong kind of relationships. I was so naive to the red flags that were right in front of me that it was not even funny.


    One day back in January of 2001, I decided that I needed to get my finances in order so I begin to search for a job to bring in more income. I was very much an independent young woman, and I did not ask for anything from anyone. I liked holding down myself.


    I had my own place, and I was at the time riding public transportation! I was waiting for my bus to come when I noticed a guy but I was not interested in a relationship at that time so I was like whatever. But as the bus came I did not see the guy that was there when I looked up until I went to go set down on the bus, and there he was out of nowhere looking at me but not saying a single word which irritates the depths of my soul.


    When I think about the gut feeling I had back then I should have listened but I did not because I did not think it’d become the nightmare that I had to live through for more than 4 months of hell and abuse.


    What I suffered through…

    • Rape

    • Abuse

    • Identity crisis

    • Starvation

    • Separation anxiety

    • Denied communication

    • Denied access to clean myself daily


    My truth is far from pretty. It’s dusty mixed in with a whole lot of grace, and God’s mercy. I remember thinking that my life as I knew it back then was definitely over and that no one would know what happen to me, and I’d be just another woman lost in the street of human trafficking.



    Here are the warning signs of what I refer to as the close off stage.


    1. They begin to complain about you spending too much time away from them. ( This is a form of control because in a healthy relationship being apart for more than 4 hours is the norm if you’re at work, hanging with your family, and or friends or just having some me time.)
    2. They begin to play with your emotions by picking on everything that you do so in turn you begin to unknowingly give in to their demands of control. ( This is what I like to call the bully control method it an abusive lead way into which they gain control of how you operate as their puppet by making you feel as though you are doing something wrong, and they are only looking out for you. Ladies’ mind control is a dangerous thing, and it is always the fuel to being enter into a road to open abuse.
    3. They’ll always end up leading you in the denial phase when you want to address why they are always being so hard on you. ( this is what I call the blame game when everything turns into it’s all your fault scenario)



    Some signs to look out for if you think someone may be a victim of trafficking may include: Having someone speak for them/information being provided by someone accompanying them. Showing signs of being physically or emotionally controlled (as above) Losing control of their own identification documents.


    How can we be more aware of human trafficking?

    Raise awareness about human trafficking and encourage your networks to get involved on social media. Use hashtag #endslavery and #LIVEUNITED. Volunteer or get involved with a local anti-trafficking organization in your area. Learn about how your consumer habits may be connected to modern slavery.


    5 things to know about human trafficking

    1. Human trafficking is slavery. Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. …

    2. It’s happening where you live. …

    3. It’s happening to people just like you. …

    4. Products you eat, wear, and use every day may have been made by human trafficking victims. …

    5. We can stop human trafficking in our lifetime.

    What is the color for human trafficking awareness?


    #WearBlueDay encourages the public to wear blue – the international color of human trafficking awareness – and post photos of themselves, or with friends, family, or colleagues, on social media with #WearBlueDay to raise awareness of this heinous


    What is the most commonplace for human trafficking?

    Believe it.

    In the United States, it is most prevalent in Texas, Florida, New York and California. Human trafficking is both a domestic and global crime, with victims trafficked within their own country, to neighboring countries, and between continents. Victims of trafficking can be of any age and any gender

    Ways You Can Help End Trafficking

    1. Know the Signs. Learn the red flags and indicators of trafficking. …

    2. Report a Tip. …

    3. Spread the Word. …

    4. Think Before You Shop. …

    5. Tell Your Friends: Demand Fuels Exploitation. …

    6. Volunteer Locally. …

    7. Stay Informed. …

    8. Register for Training.

    Why is it difficult to stop human trafficking?

    Human trafficking is difficult to stop because it’s operated by “legitimate” businesses (yes, the mafia is as deep into legitimate businesses as it is into illegal businesses) who pay off politicians at every level, from thousands of dollars to the local politicians and police forces, to millions of dollars to …

    How do human traffickers find their victims?

    Human traffickers lure their victims by using charm, lies, and deception, promising a better life and opportunities to make money. … The truth is that these victims have become objects to be traded, abused, threatened, beaten, tortured, raped, and sometimes killed – all so that the human trafficker can make money.


    Hello! My name is Jereè Clark and I began this BLOG to share my journey as a Digital Marketing Agency owner while living in my purpose as a Woman unapologetically. As I start the process of mending the pieces of my career back together I want to share my journey and the process of where I am and where I am going in the Marketplace. Welcome to this #UnMended Process of becoming her. It's so uncomfortable at times for me to bare the deepest parts of myself but is so worth it in the end to see the woman I'll become. So Cheers to healing, and celebrating my freedom as a career driven woman, in faith, in life, and in love. May you also Soar & Grow in faith, life, and in love. Xo Jereè

    Mending the vow isn’t an easy task. It’s pressure, it’s finding the grit to find the grace in each area of your life to forgive, to heal, and to grow daily.

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