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    Just in case you were curious…

    Why do you write? I have kept on writing for three reasons: 1) It’s my purpose – writing (and reading comments) feels like great conversation, and helps me process things I”m thinking. 2) I feel a sense of calling to it – I believe God opened the door for me to write, and as long as I feel the door still being held open, I’ll keep doing it, and 3) People say they find it helpful. I am very encouraged to think that someone I have to say could be enjoyable, encouraging and add value to others.

    When do you find time to read?

    I steal time. I steal it in the morning. I carry a book when I remember. I bookmark articles on my phone. And, when I’m not too wrapped up in social media or a new Netflix series, reading is my favorite way to end the day. Sometimes I read a lot. Sometimes it’s months between books. But I love it when I get to do it.

    When do you write?

    I write in my blog 3 to 4 times a week I write to inspire women to heal from their past & I also give you weekly insight into my past by sharing how she defeated her fears of her dark past. Jeree’ is a humble spirit and gives sisterly love as she supports women during their time of healing from their past.

    I like your “Ask me anything” advice column. Do you ever make the questions up?

    No. All the questions in the “Ask Jeree” series are real questions I received by email, Facebook message or in person. I often edit them for length and to preserve anonymity – but the question itself is always borne from a real reader. There are a lot of ways to follow your blog. What’s the best way? The best way to follow this blog is by email subscribing. However, I’m also on various social media streams and post things there, but those often get lost in the stream. I always post the articles I write on this blog on my social media platforms.

    Do you make money from your writing?

    No. This is a ministry and journey for me to live my purpose in God, and to help other women unpack their baggage, and deal with their self issues. Are you going to write a book? Yes! I am working on my book Un-Mended. What’s your favorite thing about writing? There is a particular joy in coming to a particular clarity about something while writing, or in finding exactly the right word for what I wanted to say. However, I think my most favorite thing about writing is hearing from readers that the words in this space added value to their lives: whenever someone shares or pins something I wrote, leaves a comment, or sends me an email saying something touched them – I am very encouraged. I love hearing from readers! Thanks for reading, friends!

    Mending the vow isn’t an easy task. It’s pressure, it’s finding the grit to find the grace in each area of your life to forgive, to heal, and to grow daily.

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