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    Girls Ministry Trip To ATL

    Girls Ministry Trip To ATL

    Nothing can call me from the arms of my sisters. I pray that we bond stronger daily, and even more so in our alone time with the Father.Jereè Speaks - Founder Of Mend The Vow Click To Tweet


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    This trip almost did not include me, and it was for so many reasons…..


    • There was a huge falling out like a week before this trip even took place because of a lack of understanding, and a more rude mindset from one of these women. No need to name names just stating the truth, and how the enemy tried to disrobe order in which God meant for this trip to be.

    • Sometimes being the bigger person is not easy, and in this area of my life, I had to say that I was not the bigger person fully because I still wanted to walk in my own way of doing things but I knew that God had a greater task for this than me soaking in my own feelings.

    • At times I wanted to go back home while I was on the road headed to Atlanta but I chose to trust the plans of God for the purpose of this gathering.


    Day one of this trip was nothing resting, and relaxation because coming from Mississippi to Georgia what tiring. 


    The second day was the day to release everything that was weighing in my spirit for the longest. The first ministry event that we went to see the flyer below. 

    This experience still has me on a mindset of remaining free from the things that once kept me bound for so many years, and this night of birthing new areas of my life in God truly allowed to gain a deeper perspective of who I am in God. There we a lot of positive things that were spoken over my life by Prophetess Adrianne Hutchins she spoke about things that only God knew. I was very humbled, and very excited about what God was taking me in Him. 



    Now as the service was coming to an end the flow of the conversation carried on outside of the service really blew my mind because it was really nice to talk to someone that was on the same level in my gifting that I did not have to explain where I was coming from because she too walked in the same office as I did in the spirit.


    After we departed from the church there was this awkward tension that surfaced after someone asked me a question of how I was enjoying the trip, and my reply was it is ghetto. I mean I am a straight forward to the point kind of woman, and I do not beat around the bush, and if anyone knows about setting the atmosphere then you’ll know that when you are dealing with spiritual warfare than the grounds where you lay your head has to peaceful at all times. Or is that just me?


    When I  was asked to explain why did I think the trip was “Ghetto” I then explained the place of choice that was made to rest at….. And then it got real and disrespectful! See the things that I have taken notice of is evet=ryone cannot handle the truth, and I am not the one to give a watered-down response when someone asks my opinion of what I think. Now let me rewind for those of you that were not in the car riding on the way back from this event. How the night of worship, and exhortation in the fire of the Holy Ghost I was basking in the presence of God, and what I was exchanging from my self to Him.



    I do not want to draw this out so here is the short version of what happened… 


    My answer to the place that we resided in “ATL” was simply when you are cleansing your house “your spirit” you are not supposed to dwell, linger, abide in anywhere that is going against what God is going, and I know a lot may say where the spirit of God is there is a peace that abides. Please stop throwing out religious saying when in all actuality God gives us all common sense to be as selective as we choose to engage in warfare, and as well as how we are to make our space (i.e resting quarters a place of peace, strength, and a place of solace.)  thees things I never compromise when I am traveling, or, even on my home turf things has to be calm, and alluring in order to set the stage for peace, tranquility etc.


    So after I explained my reasonings of why I felt the way that I did… Nothing changed words were still heated, and a disconnection took place. I was not having anything coming from a place of wanting to just be ugly, rude, and downright nasty. I told myself that I was nothing going to push the limits because I was no longer that person that was going to go the extra mile to make my point. I’d said enough for one night when I felt as though I should have followed my heart, and not even came on this trip.


    Here the break down of the resolve that almost did not take place! 


    • So before calling it a night a conversation took place, and I can admit when I need to here a sound word, but what I will never agree with is someone going overboard, and making assumptions on what is, and what is not.

    • I went to sleep with the conversation resting on my heart, and when the next sunrise came up I was still at a crossroad on this choice that needed to be made. I was ready to pack up, and leave without even attending the other event but i had to remember the purpose of this trip was not for my personal feeling but for God elevating me out of that old place into the new place of where He was leading me to for the Glory that was coming in connection in my life for the use of the Kingdom of God


    • The weight of what happened begun to really bother me, and as much as God was pricking at my heart to say something to this person I was still remaining in my own feelings of wanting to shut down and to keep them at a distance from me because of what I was feeling. But honestly, the more that I felt this way in my mind the more God kept tugging on my heart, and I was like ?okay God.

    • So I fixed the issues of my heart, and as I was about to fix my mouth to open up the conversation the stage was already being made before me. Now let me break this down for the ones that are screaming girl yes let God have His way. I wholeheartedly know that I will lay down how I feel to be completely obedient to God but what I won’t forget is what a person showed me the first time of the actions towards me.

    • So the talk what discussed, and the grievance was somewhat understood… So the day went on as planned without shoving the issues under the rug.


    Blogging is an essential part of storytelling with truth and not lies to gain readers. The harsh reality is..... sisterhood isn't always pretty and some are your sus but when you're needed in their lives... And your sis when it's a truly divine direct… Click To Tweet




    The second night at a different ministry, and a different conference. Now this conference was so much different than the first one, and although the first night at the other conference was amazing the second night at this other women’s conference sealed everything that I came to the state of Georgia for. I pressed my way through, and God met me at the alter when I tell you I worship,


    and I gave no cares who saw the aftermath of my faded makeup or my tear stains. I was asked to give something up that I was carrying in my heart for a very long time, and this was the unforgiveness that journeyed with me since I was a little girl. The bond the basket that held the unforgiveness inside of it was now empty, and I owed everything to God in all of my 38 years I’d never experienced a wave of healing like this from God it was in that time of release I felt so close to the Father, and I felt His love so strong pressing against my heart.


    Here are my takeaways from this girls’ ministry trip.:

    • I realized that when God sets you apart in a season to be before Him that is exactly what He means. I know divinely God connected me to sister some for a moment in time, and some for a season for a shift in the spirit realm, and other sisters for a lifetime.

    • There were things that were still lingering in me that spilled out because I was still in my healing process; so I had to do a lot of heart checks while I was on this girl’s trip. I know that maturity comes when you realize the mishaps that have taken place, and you choose to forgive for a sincere place in your heart.

    • At times I know that I did get on the defensive side of things because I held on to the conflict for too long, and I noticed that God was positioning me to rely on Him instead of my own self.

    • Sometimes where I am going through the fire I get stung, and it does not feel so good. I have noticed the sweetness that honesty brings; so I am at my best when I am fully surrendered under the unction of God’s love, and His directions for my life.




    Hello! My name is Jereè and I began this BLOG to share my journey as a Woman unapologetically as I start the process of mending the pieces of my broken life with God's help by sharing my life #UnMended while  Baring the deepest parts of myself has been very hard, but is so worth it in the end to see the woman I'll become. So Cheers to healing, and to celebrating my freedon as a woman, in love, in life, and in faith. May you also grow from what I've grown from. Xo Jereè

    Mending the vow isn’t an easy task. It’s pressure, it’s finding the grit to find the grace in each area of your life to forgive, to heal, and to grow daily.

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