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    Walking Away When It Counts The Most

    Walking Away When It Counts The Most

    These past few nights have been really revealing what God has been preparing me for, and sometimes it gets lonely walking down this narrow road by myself. -Jereè Founder of Mend The Vow 

    When I think of hw God has pulled me through some many things in my life all I can do is sigh, and let out a whew God you did that.


    Reflecting on where, and when God told me to release people, and the fight to stand with an obedient heart. I went through a season of learning of fake friends that were in my circle, and I could not see it but God did. There were things that were discussed behind my back, and when it came to the forefront i was so hurt because I did not expect it to be the people that I called a friend.


    All I remember doing is locking myself away in prayer, and depending solely on God t heal this inner pain that just rushed into my heart. I had to emotionally disconnect, and physically move on with my life. There was no turning back from the betrayal that had took place.

    I use to be so afraid of losing people because I grew up not having people that were close in my life so as I grew into adulthood I value being around people even when they sneak dissed me and did somethings that were off the wall. I wanted a place to belong, and I wanted to really feel connected but it was the wrong people that I continually gave access to my heart.


    Sometimes in life people can give you a series of mistreatments, and the value in the lessons that you learn in the timing of those certain experience will teach you how not to allow people to treat you.

    I had to learn who I was in God again after taking a lot of blows from people in my life, Once God showed me how I needed to be treated it raised the bar of how I disallowed others to treat me. #KingdomMade

    My advice to you is that if you are fighting to release someone from your life that God has spoken to your heart to remove out of your life I encourage you to obey God, and trust His plan for your life in this season sis.


    My confidence was rebuilt in God, and here is how I am reflecting on it:

    I’m a one of a kind soul branded by Rapha. I can’t be duplicated, and can’t no counterfeit copy my style. I’m not cocky just confident, poised, and gracious leading behind God’s power, and pushing in His strength.

    If you don’t know my story you can’t recognize the pain that made me into this soft heart filled woman that I am today.

    Be we’ll Ladies

    Hello! My name is Jereè Clark and I began this BLOG to share my journey as a Digital Marketing Agency owner while living in my purpose as a Woman unapologetically. As I start the process of mending the pieces of my career back together I want to share my journey and the process of where I am and where I am going in the Marketplace. Welcome to this #UnMended Process of becoming her. It's so uncomfortable at times for me to bare the deepest parts of myself but is so worth it in the end to see the woman I'll become. So Cheers to healing, and celebrating my freedom as a career driven woman, in faith, in life, and in love. May you also Soar & Grow in faith, life, and in love. Xo Jereè

    Mending the vow isn’t an easy task. It’s pressure, it’s finding the grit to find the grace in each area of your life to forgive, to heal, and to grow daily.

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