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    Spiritual Life Coach

    What does a s Kingdom life coach do?
    A Kingdom Life coach, Explores a journey or a process that needs to be systematic and thorough, taking things in the correct order. To do this well, Kingdom Coaching is attentive to ‘Panoramic Perspectives’. Panoramic means ‘all-sight’ and communicates seven key questions of perspective that guide us through each stage of the coaching journey. 
    Kingdom Coaching: Powerful and Prophetic Life Coaching

    Kingdom coaching is a form of Christian life coaching that is Holy Spirit-led. It is a prophetic life coaching partnership between a coach and client with the goal to see the client grow in an area they want to. Whilst this definition covers life coaching in general, kingdom coaching is different because a third person is involved – the Holy Spirit. Both the coach and client need to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit and allow Him to lead and steer the coaching journey.


    Kingdom Coaching differs from many other Christian life coaching methods as the /prophetic certainly shapes the Kingdom Coaching process. The client identifies the vision, dream, or calling they want to pursue and works with the coach to develop a strategy to attain it. The coach’s role is to support and empower the client to identify strategic steps that they can take that move them further in growth and closer to their goals. The coach comes alongside as support, confidante, and motivator and brings accountability, encouragement, and challenge where necessary.


    The coach is a combination of a sounding board to process with, and a mirror to measure progression. The coach only supports the vision and goals of the client – they do not impose their dreams, ideas, or agendas. In that sense, all accomplishment is the clients and the clients alone. This is also true with any excuses or setbacks!


    Ultimately, kingdom coaching is an ongoing partnership between the coach, client, and Holy Spirit, with an evolving dialogue between the three parties to help achieve desired targets. It is powerful and prophetic life coaching!


    A kingdom coaching partnership focuses on three things:

    Coaching requires a clear
    commitment to a specific
    dream or vision, and a
    willingness to determine
    steps and goals that move
    forwards towards that vision.
    Coaching focuses on the here
    and now, identifying
    opportunities for change that
    will shape the future. It does
    not look back to the past.
    Coaching is not simply one
    magic meeting where
    everything is fixed but is a
    kickstart a journey. It lays
    the first steps to success.
    All of this typically takes anywhere between 5 – 8 sessions. However, the number of coaching sessions required, whether business, life, leadership, family, or ADHD coaching is your focus, really depends on three things: 1. The Goals You Have: Think of the goals you have.
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