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    My Personal Goals, And What Keeps Me Driven

    My Personal Goals, And What Keeps Me Driven

    Hey sis,

    I want to share some real-life goals with you that I have completed in my personal life, and how my life shifted in another direction recently because I gave God a deeper yes. I’ve noticed that when things got hard in my life I was not compelled to move forward in the things that I was currently challenging myself to get done before this year was over.


    I made every excuse to distance myself away from driving myself back to the position of being attentive in my purpose daily. I was not praying like I did because I was still in the grieving stages of having to disconnect from the love of my life, and I was really not feeling God for removing the man that I loved out of my life. I was in a state of mind that I know that most have been in before asking God when would the tides change in my life, and when would I be at a place in my life where I wouldn’t feel this level of sadness in my heart from missing this man so much?


    There were times where I questioned my drive, and the things that I once committed my time to, and the pitfalls that I once fell in due to my disobedience everything was eating away at my heart, and I just wanted to freeze time to stop the aches in my heart. I was so drained from all of the thoughts that were running in my head. I needed to come to grips with how to let go of what was hindering my progress, and I had to do it fast and be consistent in my daily life in achieving my goals because times were not going to sit still for me, and no one was going to put in the work for me to reach the greatness of my life.


    After soaking for weeks in my room iI decided to have a good ole ugly cry before God, and I had to repent of the error of my ways that I put in place of what he told me to hold on to. Click To Tweet


    After taking that space and time with God I had to set some paths correct in my life, and I had to encourage myself at that moment not to give up on my goal, and I also had to figure out what drove me to the passions of my heart again. I realigned my goals, and I sat down and made a long list of the things that I needed to get done, and the next day I planted myself, and I refocused my thoughts where they needed to be, and the rest was set.


    I got back to what mattered, and the first thing that I did in order to see things from a clear viewpoint is shifted my office around, and I also added more vibrant colors to the office for more inspo. I also remembered the things that I did achieve before the weeks of nothingness were taking place in my life. I became a 4 time accredited life coach in the following area Professional life coach, spiritual life coach, goal setting life coach, and health and nutrition life coach.


    I really had to check my resume of the things that I already had going on in my business, and in my personal relationship with God. I found my glow again, and I found my drive in a short amount of time because I choose to recognize my worth again. I never. want to be in that place where life can toss my goals aside, and hold me captive. I have to remind myself daily that I am enough, and that my purpose matters because God has chosen me to carry out something that is bigger than myself.


    I want to encourage your heart, and tell you that you are worthy of everything that you are working towards, and you do not have to allow what you are facing in your personal life to deflect the goals that are setting in your hands. Be mindful that the enemy is very cunning, and wicked, and he will stop kat nothing to see you crumble so do not give him the satisfaction that his tiny heart desires.


    Here’s some drive for you to put some gas on...

    • start your day with a glad heart
    • be mindful of when you need to take a 3 – 5 minute break to reset your focus
    • make sure that you take a 45-minute nap when you know you are going to have to pull an all-nighter
    • do not spend a lot of time on social media when you are working
    • be the voice behind the drive that you are moving towards
    • learn how to place your phone on do not disturb  to give yourself time away from people to complete your daily list in a good frame of time


    Celebrate your wins, and make sure that you set aside time to really smile at the accomplishments that you are making whether big or small.


    I want you to remember that God is mindful of you and that His words over your life are yes, and amen. Do not allow what you see in the natural distance your heart from what God has promised over your life. There is never a better time to set down right where you are, and make a better plan for your goals, and hammer them out.


    The posture that you make in your life right now before God will be the saving grace of your future. Do not disown the purpose over your life, and do not allow the world to pull you back to itself. You have to stay under the fire of heaven, and you have to know that living a life of fasting and praying will keep your center in position before the throne room of God.


    I pray that my trials and many errors have encouraged your heart, and always remember that broken piece does mend when you allow God to fully come in and begin mending the pieces of your heart. 




    Hello! My name is Jereè Clark and I began this BLOG to share my journey as a Digital Marketing Agency owner while living in my purpose as a Woman unapologetically. As I start the process of mending the pieces of my career back together I want to share my journey and the process of where I am and where I am going in the Marketplace. Welcome to this #UnMended Process of becoming her. It's so uncomfortable at times for me to bare the deepest parts of myself but is so worth it in the end to see the woman I'll become. So Cheers to healing, and celebrating my freedom as a career driven woman, in faith, in life, and in love. May you also Soar & Grow in faith, life, and in love. Xo Jereè

    Mending the vow isn’t an easy task. It’s pressure, it’s finding the grit to find the grace in each area of your life to forgive, to heal, and to grow daily.

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