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    They knew Her not. But they were her kindred

    They knew Her not. But they were her kindred

    A study of the life of Ruth 

    Can you imagine losing your husband, and having to bare the burned of tears in grief crying day in, and day out because you’ve lost someone that held your love, heart, and hand for what seemed to be a life


    Now Naomi was the mother in the love of Ruth, and her love for her daughter in Love was unmeasured by what we know of how she spoke in what little that she did speak to Ruth in the bible passages in the book of Ruth. As Naomi, and Ruth was walking with all that they had Naomi released a message unto Ruth. Naomi told Ruth that she just be returned to her kindred, and Ruth with love in her eyes chose to not be offended by the words of Naomi.


    Can you take a step back, and think about what would go through your mind if you had to rest in not knowing what was going to be the next season of your life? 


    [ctt template=”10″ link=”dW28d” via=”no” ]The moment I opened up my heart, and Bowed my ear unto God He, in turn, opened Heaven to fulfill my needs.[/ctt]


    There are some privetal points in the days leading up to where Ruth would be Thrust onto the thresing floor. It took time, and preparation just for her to gain access to it. It was not something that Ruth just warned, and or stumbled up on.

    if I had to take a wild guess I would imagine that when Namoi and Ruth returned to the place where God was leading them they might have been a little weary about the conception of the road ahead of them,. Would you agree?


    The road of getting food, and gleaning from a vineyard that was not of their own, but God ordained the steps of Ruth when she went of into the field, and when she asked to glean after the people that where ahead of her. Ruth did not want much but because she acquired the favor of God she was given plenty to take away with her.

    One day, as Ruth was in the field gleaning Boaz, noticed her, and wondered who she was. So he made a few turns in the field to learn more about the woman in his field. One of his men answered his call and told him of Ruth. But the time the information left his servant’s mouth Boaz blessed Ruth baskets, and told his flock to send her away with all that she desired.

    Now Ruth was grateful, and gather all that was given to her as she picked in the direction that Boaz allowed her to glean in. As Ruth returned home with excitement in her smile Naomi noticed the change in her behavior, and before Naomi could ask Ruth blurted out the good news of her blessings that she just received.


    Now when Ruth finished her cnversation with Naomi she went to freshen up, and as naomi sat back in her chair reflecting on the information that was just told to her by Ruth joy fell into her heart, and there came instructions from heaven unto Naomi to give to Ruth.

    Now when the tie came for Ruth to come into a place to be reunited unto the martial bed certain things had to take place, and certain guidelines had to be established.


    • There had. to be some of her kindred in the land that had to take ownership of Naomi’s son’s land, and they would have to take Ruth to be their wife

    • There had to be an agreement of everything, and or nothing at all

    • The land could not be traded without Ruth being apart of the said trade

    • And once the deed of the deal was complete there could not be no checkng out on this arrangement

    So! if I had to take a wild guess I would imagine that when Naomi spoke to Ruth, and the word got out to Boaz of Ruth, and Naomi having Kindreds near He wanted to inquire further of whom was going to take Ruth, and her late husband’s land.

    There came the big day when Boaz went though the city to speak to Naomi’s Kindreds, and one by one they formed the words I can not take her as my wife, and Boaz was displeased to hear of the answers that he was receiving.

    So days went on, and Naomi took Ruth into a private space to talk, and what she revealed unto Ruth to do was setting the stage for her greater destiny in God as a woman.


    There is a greater purpose, and Ruth knew it, and as she went to glean once more she awaited the right moment to lay before Boaz, and to meet the break of day. As the morning light shined through the cracks of the blinds Boaz arose, and was disassembled as he was gathering his thoughts he lifted up his head, and he saw not the woman’s face that was laying before his feet.

    When he asked her name she answered him, and he told her not to speak of this to no one, and he enlisted some other mentions unto her that she should wait on. So as the time came for Ruth to dispart she gathering herself and calmly made her departure from the presents of Boaz.

    Ruth became well known, and she became the wife to boaz as he found that she was far rare than any woman that he’d ever laid his eyes on.

    Ruth presented herself meek, and mature in the eye view of Boaz. She did not walk towards him nor did she have a list of demands for him. She heeded the instructions of Naomi and the rest of her path God ordered her to follow.

    Scripture References Ruth Chapters 1-4

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