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    Business Training

    This is a 6-month BUILDING SKILLS in leadership


    Many people feel that leaders are born and that you have to be a natural-born leader to be motivational and inspiring. We believe leadership is a skill that can be learned. We believe you can be a terrifically effective, inspiring leader by leaning into your strengths and authenticity and learning some research-based tools and approaches. And your management team can quickly and radically enhance their leadership skills and, in turn, the performance of their teams.

    Coaching and leadership development can have a powerful,

    positive impact on your company. Get started today.


    Develop the Leadership Skills to Advance

    Your Career, Team, and Organization

    Leadership Principles are designed to help new and aspiring leaders unleash the potential in themselves and others, and cultivate high-performing teams. Become a more versatile leader who can mobilize others by immersing yourself in real-world leadership challenges, self-assessments, and 360-degree feedback from colleagues and peers.


    What You’ll Learn

    • Understand your motivational drivers, emotional intelligence, and communication methods to establish a personal leadership style
    • Apply or adapt your leadership style to meet specific challenges
    • Manage the conditions that drive team performance
    • Coach colleagues and share feedback in ways that enable them to develop and deliver
    • Handle stressful and demanding leadership situations
    • Take charge of your professional development as you navigate the challenges of transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader

    Students will meet via zoom every Monday, Thursday Saturday on a set time discussed prior in a welcome email once enrolled in the leadership train course.

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    This is a 6-month BUILDING SKILLS in Leadership series is designed to help your employees gain the necessary skills to become effective leaders. The courses in this series are focused on micro-courses covering key learning skills, including identifying key leadership qualities, how to communicate vision, and employee development planning.

    What You’ll Learn

    • Key leadership qualities
    • Developing trust
    • Communicating why
    • Coaching to peak performance
    • Running effective meetings
    • Employee development planning

    How it Works

    This is an online live course via zoom that allows you to study the course material in a group setting that fits your schedule. Access to a computer with internet access is required. This course is supported on most computing devices, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and cell phones.


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