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    Spiritual Life Coach

    What does a spiritual life coach do?
    A spiritual coach, also called a spiritual life coach, explores the deeper connections between people and the God. I  help others gain a new or deeper understanding of the world they live in and the energies that flow within it.
    A holistic approach to  Spiritual Life Coaching 
    A holistic approach means looking at all of the different systems and how they work together. As a  Spiritual Life Coach I am going to help you function in a way that promotes emotional wellness throughout your entire life, including your body, mind, and spirit. Coaching is a booming field right now.
    All of this typically takes anywhere between 5 – 8 sessions. However, the number of coaching sessions required, whether business, life, leadership, family, or ADHD coaching is your focus, really depends on three things: 1. The Goals You Have: Think of the goals you have.
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    I help you function in a way that promotes your emotional wellness including your body, mind, and spirit

    Mending the vow isn’t an easy task. It’s pressure, it’s finding the grit to find the grace in each area of your life to forgive, to heal, and to grow daily.

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