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    What’s Real Within Your Heart?

    What’s Real Within Your Heart?

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    Is there a testistomy after going through an awful storm?

    Jereè Speaks – Founder Of Mend The Vow


    What happens when the seasons change, and the weather is not so perfect in your life? 

    Well this has been something that I have experienced for the last few weeks God has been showing me things about myself that i do not like, and that I am seeking change in.

    There is a level of responsibility that we as women take on when we choose to say yes to God daily but the question is… Are we really maturing in the things that God has called us to in ministry? God has assigned some big roles into the lives of His daughter, and sometimes this can be a bit massive when we tend to think about it because of who God is in our lives.

    Here’s a few things to focus on!!!!!

    • creating goal in God is key to developing longevity in buikding for the Kingdom

    • maintaining a prayerful, and fasting life is a goal In God that you cannot aforrord to live without

    • leading while discipling other believers is where you also gain traction in obataining growth in God so that trust in Him will be granted for your next level in growth

    • aspiring  to do what God commands you to do, and taking heed to what God tells you to do are two different things. Daughters of God we must take maor steps in this season to get the work done that God has given unto us.

    • There is always going to be some type of lesson for every season that you endure but take the meat from the lessons, and drink the milk while you continue to rise above the shade onto the suset where you’ll find the glory of God awaiting to rest upon your life life a glory cloud

    There is a level on ground breaking that your feet need to move on th ground before the settling of the wrok can flourish.


    Are you willing to restrain your flesh, and walk in the essence of God’s authority in your life?

    Hello! My name is Jereè and I began this BLOG to share my journey as a Woman unapologetically as I start the process of mending the pieces of my broken life with God's help by sharing my life #UnMended while  Baring the deepest parts of myself has been very hard, but is so worth it in the end to see the woman I'll become. So Cheers to healing, and to celebrating my freedon as a woman, in love, in life, and in faith. May you also grow from what I've grown from. Xo Jereè

    Mending the vow isn’t an easy task. It’s pressure, it’s finding the grit to find the grace in each area of your life to forgive, to heal, and to grow daily.

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